Saturday, 23 August 2014

El Handasia is going to solve the electric problem

solar energy companies in egypt,
solar energy companies in egypt,

El Handasia is the most famous solar energy company in Egypt.
El Handasia has been working in the field of solar energy since a long time with continuous success and the most factor that assisted in getting that success is the environment of Egypt which located on the solar belt area in the earth.
El Handasia is designing, manufacturing and maintaining solar energy heaters that used in different industrial and domestic purposes such as heating water and gathering systems that generate electricity by using PV cells in remote places and roads and also the company offer manufacturing and preparing ventilation systems, fans and air handling units.
All solar energy companies in Egypt are working for one goal, which is providing the country with an alternative source of energy to fight the lack of the electric energy.
That goal is expecting to be done in the next 4 years for long predictions.


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