Monday, 18 August 2014

Comparison between solar energy companies in Egypt and Israel

solar energy companies in Egypt

In Israel, the government obligated the new settlements that are about to be built to install a solar heater so they can circulate using solar energy over the other types of nonrenewable energy ..
In Egypt, the government is moving pointedly towards circulating using solar energy instead of electricity energy that the country is suffering from ..
The Office of environmental compliance and sustainable development is supervising and organizing the needed support for solar energy companies in Egypt to improve and spread solar energy usage across the country, in addition to assisting in converting the efforts of the other companies to change their dependence on the fuel or nonrenewable energy and replace it with solar energy ..
In your opinion, what is the effective method of both countries in using and circulating solar energy ?
And what is your point of view to improve using solar energy in Egypt and what are the effective offers that solar energy companies in Egypt are have to do in order to spread their industry ?


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