Sunday, 9 February 2014

what is solar energy

Solar energy companies in Egypt

solar energy companies in egypt

Solar energy is the radiation of the light and heat that come from the sun in every day

Solar energy companies in Egypt , can arrange the applications and use the technological

 systems to generate the solar heating, solar photovoltaics , solar thermal electricity, solar

 architecture and artificial photosynthesis too

Solar energy companies in Egypt can generate the solar energy by 2 ways either passive

 solar or active solar that depend on the way they capture , convert and distribute solar energy

Solar energy companies in Egypt these techniques include using the photovoltaic panels and

solar thermal collectors to generate the solar energy ..  in the way that the solar energy companies in Egypt

using the passive solar techniques and it includes  orienting a building to the Sun then

 select the suitable thermal mass or light materials with dispersing properties,

 and designing spaces that naturally circulate air

It's important to know that the International Energy Agency since 4 years ago said that

 " the development of affordable,  endless and clean solar energy technologies will have along

 benefits and It will develop the countrie industry ..  and it will reduce pollution with lowering

 the costs of mitigating climate change .. and using and generating the solar energy can also

 keep fossil fuel prices lower than otherwise ...  according to the IEA report these advantage

s are global

 .. so the world have to increase the number of the solar energy company to be in safe of the

dangers of using the fossil fuel energy that must has an end by standing use


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