Saturday, 22 February 2014

convert the usage of electricity

Solar energy companies in Egypt

solar energy companies in Egypt

Solar energy companies in Egypt is responsible for producing the equipment that

 help in the ventilation system

One of these equipment is the Radial Fans with forward curved impeller .. these fans have

 high efficiency that have been developed especially for running the modern ventilation and

 air conditioning applications and are ideal for the movement of air and light aggressive gas

 and vapors .. and this sort of the radial fans always used in the Air-conditioning, clean room

 technology, commercial kitchen and gastronomy

Solar energy companies in Egypt also make the other sorts of the radial fans like the radial

 fans with the backward curved impeller which used in Air-conditioning also , clean room

technology, Commercial kitchen, industry and machinery .. Solar energy companies in Egypt

.also make other important equipment , can convert the usage of 

electricity to the solar energy


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